‘Mom, why are we born when we all have to die?’  Asked my very own Siddhartha

I was taken aback when I first heard my then 5 year old son say these words. It was a normal weekday and we were returning from his sports. While waiting outside the lift my son threw me this bouncer. I went reeling but, as you can imagine, I could not show it! Very carefully … More ‘Mom, why are we born when we all have to die?’  Asked my very own Siddhartha

Dare to Care

There are times in our lives when we meet someone and fall in love with them. Then there are some relationships where we invest a lot of ourselves because we are that kind of a person. We care with such involvement that we do not even bother to pick up signals that maybe the other … More Dare to Care

Learn to Disobey!

What is determination? Where does it come from? Why does it come at all? Have you ever wondered? A child who is told to stay within sight always tends to wander away, to seek what lies beyond and ends up discovering new horizons. Why is that? What makes him disobey? What makes him go against … More Learn to Disobey!

A Childhood Lost

October 10th was International Mental Health Awareness Day and as this week comes to an end I want to draw attention to another aspect of mental health that is just as worrisome – Childhood Depression. Sounds preposterous? Have a look at these facts and figures – According to a Mental Health report released by WHO … More A Childhood Lost

Why so Sad?

If we cannot see it, does it mean it does not exist? Our need to define everything, our need fit everything into the parameters of what we can touch and feel often limits our ability to be compassionate about what we cannot explain. When someone falls ill and we can see the symptoms, it is … More Why so Sad?