Dare to Care

There are times in our lives when we meet someone and fall in love with them. Then there are some relationships where we invest a lot of ourselves because we are that kind of a person. We care with such involvement that we do not even bother to pick up signals that maybe the other … More Dare to Care

Why so Sad?

If we cannot see it, does it mean it does not exist? Our need to define everything, our need fit everything into the parameters of what we can touch and feel often limits our ability to be compassionate about what we cannot explain. When someone falls ill and we can see the symptoms, it is … More Why so Sad?

The Angry Hero!

I saw Agneepath (the new one) this Saturday. I liked the movie…for many reasons and also disliked it, again for many reasons. But this isn’t a movie review. Its the thought I was left with as I came out of the theater. As I stepped out I was a bit disturbed, a bit worried and … More The Angry Hero!