Why so Sad?

If we cannot see it, does it mean it does not exist? Our need to define everything, our need fit everything into the parameters of what we can touch and feel often limits our ability to be compassionate about what we cannot explain. When someone falls ill and we can see the symptoms, it is … More Why so Sad?

Being a Parent

I learned today the true meaning of being a parent…or maybe not. I’m also scared of what else this role of being a parent has in store for me. Because if this was not the worst…I shiver to think what else there is! As a child I was very demanding…I needed my mom 24×7. When … More Being a Parent

The child in us!

Growing up is inevitable. As we grow we see a new life, meet new people, form new relationships while old relationships change. Our circle of life expands to include people who we sometimes conciously and sometimes unconciously select to take with us in our journey. As grown ups we don’t jump in joy over a water … More The child in us!

What is love?

Today I ask the eternal question Please don’t answer without reflection For it is different for each I know Though cupid uses same arrow ‘n bow Some say it is giving, or letting go Love has only friends, knows no foe To some it is forever a mystery For some it is related to chemistry What makes … More What is love?

Its a mom!

I am a mother…I have a son who is 1.5 year old. When my son was born everyone rejoiced…Its a boy! While i silently said to my self…its a mom! because the birth of a child is also the birth of a mother. For the first 1-2 months all I could feel was the immense … More Its a mom!