मासूम सा एक सवाल

जब से माँ बानी हूँ, इस शब्द से थोड़ा दर सा है लगता कब मेरा बेटा एक और सवाल लेके आ जाएगा कुछ पता नहीं होता   एक दिन उसने मुझसे पुछा ‘जब हम सबको मरना ही है तो हम जनम ही क्यों लेते हैं? ये नियम किसने बनाये हैं? क्यों हम इस दुनिया में … More मासूम सा एक सवाल

A Childhood Lost

October 10th was International Mental Health Awareness Day and as this week comes to an end I want to draw attention to another aspect of mental health that is just as worrisome – Childhood Depression. Sounds preposterous? Have a look at these facts and figures – According to a Mental Health report released by WHO … More A Childhood Lost

Games at Twilight

Hide and seek, lock and key, chain-chain, these are games from my childhood that I played with my friends. I would rush down prompt at 5 pm and play until dusk. Sometimes we’d sit down in a circle to play games with a handkerchief and chant rhymes to go with our games. We rode cycles … More Games at Twilight

Flight to Freedom

All parents come to a stage where they want their kids to become independent and yet when the little things start to flutter their wings we want to snatch them back and hide them under our wings. I had one of these moments last week when my 8 year old went for a five day … More Flight to Freedom