A Beautiful Disaster

Book Review: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.

The story is about Abby and Travis, two high-schoolers trying to make sense of growing up, coming to terms with their past and finally finding love with each other.


Abby Abernathy has a past that she wants to keep tucked away and has come to a new world to create a better future. She is determined to stay away from everything that has any resemblance to her life back home. But fate has different plans for her. Travis Maddox is the popular guy in school with a classic bad-boy reputation. Girls would kill for just one look from him but he has eyes only for Abby. The more Abby tries to deny herself and Travis of the love they can have, the more she gets entangled in a web of conflicting emotions. When she finally decides to give love a chance, there is no looking back.


This is a story of young adults stepping into the complicated world of relationships, uncertainties, emotions and forevers. The story charts the journey of how these two struggle to find their feet and make their choices. Its a sweet love story.


Having said that I found it a bit too long for 400-odd pages. I felt that this story could be told well enough in half the number of pages. The conflicts are dragged way too much unnecessarily. Read it if you like young adult romances, but I think I was not a good target audience for this.

Beautiful Disaster


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