Adversity Brings out the Real Us

I have just finished reading ‘Flight or Fright‘ by Sudha Ramnath. Took me sometime as I was reading two books at a time.

The story is about a plane hi-jack gone wrong, the consequences that the passengers have to face and the life transforming ‘journey’ each one takes – as a group and individually.


The story brings to life how adversity affects us and sometimes brings out the best and worst inside us. Some find their inner self and some lose the very belief on which their life has been based thus far. The strong emerge victorious and the weak buckle under the pressure. The book begins with giving us a glimpse of each character’s life, letting us make up our own minds about each of them. Then as the story progresses we find each of them transforming and sometimes surprising us with hidden personalities. The suspense and twists are well formed and well hidden throughout. What I also like is the simple flow of language which makes for an easy read.


I don’t usually pick up books by Indian authors but this one is written well, especially since it is the author’s first book. Look forward to more from her.

Fight or Flight


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