A Tattoo That Scars Your Soul

Book Review: The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

I like to read fiction, especially those that are loosely based on real historical incidents/events. This one was especially moving as it was a true story.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz is a real story of survival, simply told. The fact that the book doesn’t overly dramatise makes it that much more real. The ordeals and experiences are shared in a very matter of fact manner. How the reader chooses to feel about them is left to each individual. As we read about Lale’s life at the camp, we learn to chant his mantra for survival along with him. That’s the only thing that keeps him going when there is nothing but despair all around him.

While I won’t say its the best book on these events, it is, however, a very good one.

The book describes the stay at the camp in good detail but I found that towards the end it seemed to rush a bit. Lale’s life after the camp is described in a very summary sort of way, without going into any detail. That seems a bit off putting, especially since the reader has been a part of his everyday life when he was at the camp. Then to suddenly just give the highlights seems unfair. You are left with wanting to know more. Overall a good read.

Tattooist of Auschwitz


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