Book Review – Still Me

Book Review of Still Me by Jojo Moyes
Rating: 4/5

Still Me by Jojo Moyes is the third book in the series and the only one I have read so far. Saw the first one as a movie and loved it and so decided to take this one up. The story of Luisa Clark continues in this book; where the first one gave her a jolt from her mundane, predictable life this one was about coming to terms with what has happened and moving on.

This book sees Louisa take a big step and move out of the country to fulfill what Will would have wanted her to do. She moves to a new country to start a new job. The change hits her with excitement and melancholy alternately as she grapples with the demands of her new role, living in a fascinating city, being away from family and adjusting to a new culture altogether. The thing that makes it especially difficult for her is her separation from her new boyfriend Sam, the uncertainties of a long-distance relationship have been brought out here in all its ugly details. Added to that is the fact that not everyone is going to just embrace you, include you and be nice to you. You just have to accept that and be yourself.

Being the person that she is, Lou quickly learns the ropes of her new life and makes a place for herself but only to have the rug pulled out from beneath her just as she was beginning to get cozy. She feels betrayed from all fronts. Never one to wallow in self pity, Lou finds that when you are hurting, the best balm is to find someone who needs your help. She rebuilds her life in New York with the help of a few good friends and some totally unexpected support. Having weathered it all, Lou discovers that its time she lived for herself and once that decision is taken she finds that things fall in place.

What I loved about the book is that it does not even try to be a feel good book. There were times when I felt that it was getting too sad, but then life is like that sometimes. Important thing is that we don’t lose ourselves in those difficult times in order to get through. Life can be cruel, sometimes people lose all their money, house, love and can still find the strength to carry on. But if we lose touch with our self respect and identity nothing can bring it back.

As a year end read, this book has given me a lot of hope and strength.

Still Me


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