A Tale of Love, Deception & Redemption

Book Review: Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

I recently read this book and finished it in one day, mostly in one sitting. It was a page turner like all books by Ravi Subramanian although it was quite different in plot from his usual financial thrillers. This was more about relationships, ambitions, values, priorities and redemption.

The story is about a successful Indian author, Aditya Kapoor, who has everything going for him in life – a high ranking corporate job at a bank, top rank among most popular Indian authors, a beautiful, loving and supportive wife, a son, house, etc. What more could one ask for? Alas, enough is never quite enough. Isn’t it? When all basic needs are met it is easy to start to wander and often lose sight of what matters. Temptation comes to Aditya in the form of a young and ambitious fan, Shreya. Shreya is a management trainee at one of the premier management schools of India and after a chance meeting at a guest lecture, Aditya soon finds himself captivated. When Shreya is hired by his bank, for Aditya it is easy to let himself get drawn and go with the flow. Before he realises he is in a relationship with Shreya and has cheated on his wife, who he still loves. But Shreya is ambitious, knows exactly what she wants in life and is prepared to go to any lengths to achieve them. What started as a casual fling soon gets out of hand. As Aditya tries to put together the pieces of his broken life he uncovers a betrayal he could never have imagined. It remains to be seen if Aditya will lose all or will he be able to salvage what matters.

A tale about love, temptation, weakness, friendship, betrayal and redemption, this book by Ravi Subramanian examines a gamut of human relationships. The writing style is, as always, crisp and tight. Though the story progresses very smoothly and at a good pace, it’s the second half where a lot of action lies and gets you turning the pages faster. I have read quite a few books by this author and have loved all of them. What also makes them very interesting is that his characters have very close resemblance to real life people we know of. Here too you will find many parallels and that is what makes you want to read more. Almost like an inside scoop of what the real life of these people is really like. A gossip fiction, if you may call it. Every time I read one of his books I can’t help but wonder how much truth there must be in the story.

A good fast read. Take it up if you like Ravi Subramanian. But if you haven’t read him before, I’d say don’t start with this. I have found his other books are far more interesting.

Bestseller She Wrote


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