Suitcase Girl – Book Review

I only started reading this one as it was free on my Google Play books, and I am not sorry  . Suitcase Girl by TY Hutchinson is the first book in the Suitcase Girl Trilogy.

The story is about a little Asian girl who is left outside the FBI head quarters stuffed in a suitcase, hence the name Suitcase Girl. On being discovered thus, the girl raises many questions, especially due to her uncanny resemblance to FBI agent Abby Kane, an Asian American. The investigations are going nowhere as the little girl has clammed up due to shock. Abby finds herself drawn to the girl and brings her home to her family. Soon the girl recovers enough to remember small details that help Abby make progress in the investigation. What started out looking like a child abandonment case soon takes the shape of a child trafficking business across continents. Will Abby get hold of the traffickers, or is that just a facade, tip of an ice-berg? Who was running this and why did they abandon the little girl outside the FBI office. What is the mystery behind the unmistakable resemblance? Is that just a coincidence or the key? When the little girl suddenly goes missing and everybody linked to her starts getting killed, Abby is torn between finding her and protecting her family which is suddenly under threat. Will Abby find the Suitcase Girl? Is she ready to face the surprising truth that borders on fantasy?

The book starts slow and I was almost about to dismiss it as another bad attempt at crime fiction. But once the pace picks up there is no looking back. The twists, suspense and action have been placed well. There is enough suspense to keep you hooked. The books ends at a critical point leaving me with no doubt that I want to pick up the sequel!

Pick it up if you like to read series novels and edge of the seat thriller with some bit of science fiction.

suitcase girl


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