An Open Murder Case

Finished reading The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino today. This is my first book by this author and I owe it to a good friend from my reading club for introducing me to this author.

Here’s the review. The book is unlike any murder mystery I have read so far. You see, in this case I know who the murderer is right from the beginning. Its the chase and the complicated web created around the murder that keeps me intrigued. There is not one single instance when I feel like I know what is going to happen. I keep following the police discreetly, peeping over their shoulder, trying to feign disinterest, all the while worried they might find the right trail. When the cards are revealed I am forced to sit back and re-look at where I started from. The book is less a murder mystery and more about a puzzle crafted by a genius mind. It goes to prove that only the very sharp and intelligent are the best criminals. There is so much more that this book makes me think about but I am yet to put all my thoughts to words.

It reminded me, in a way, of a lesser known movie, Johnny Gaddar. Maybe not in the same league but followed much the same format. The audience can see the crime being committed in the first scene and then its a matter of weaving an incredible tale and sending the police on a wild goose chase.

For all mystery lovers, I would say its a very compelling read, a definite page turner.

devotion of suspect x


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