Sitanshu – An Unwanted War

I am currently reading the mythological fiction series by Anita Shirodkar and have just finished reading the second book, Sitanshu. Here’s my short review of the book.


This second book brings forth new relationships and opens many secrets. While Aryavir had set the stage for a war, Sitanshu took us through it in great detail – the preparation, the deceit, the bloodshed, the bravery, the cowardice, the honorable and the dis-honorable. All characters mature and grow in this book and set off towards their individual final journeys.

Lives are lost and rules are broken to fight a war that no-one really wants. When all is over, one is left questioning the wisdom of these brave warriors and the extent they are ready to go to for the sake of honour. Although a large part of the book was about the war, it was balanced well with the parallel stories. So if someone doesn’t like too much violence, one does not get fatigued with only bloodshed.

The book ends where one war finishes and the heirs of the throne prepare for another. This time a bigger challenge awaits the heir. Will he fulfill his destiny? Will there be peace in the Neelmahal after-all?



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