The Book Thief

I met The Book Thief. I traveled with her on the train, played football with her on 33 Himmel Street, painted words with Papa on the walls in the middle of the night, met Max in the basement of Rosa and Hans Hubermann, read and stole from the library of Ilsa Hermann. With every book stolen, I found myself seeping more and more into her life and her times. When nothing’s left in the end, I wanted to dive in and rescue the Book Thief’s words, wrestle them out of the hands of Death. Who is he to take them away? How dare he touch the book, having smeared its pages with his ugly darkness?

The Book Thief tells the story of a young girl, Leisel Memminger, who was separated from her family before the second world war. Its the story of how her world grew, changed and finally shattered as death took over.

After reading much about The Book Thief, I finally picked it up this month and what a read it was. I have often been drawn to fiction and other works written about the second world war & Holocaust. This was the first time I was seeing it from the other end. How it affected the lives of so many Germans along the way.

I also liked the way the book has been written. The narration is like none I have read before and adds a lot to the feel of the story. A bit dark and sad at times, yet a very good read.

The Book Thief


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