A Closed Room Mystery Like None Other

I finished reading Murder on Orient Express by Agatha Christie yesterday and here I will share my experience with the book. I will not call it a review as I can hardly attempt to review a book like this.

If ever there was a closed room murder more intriguing than this one I would like to read it. It required the methodical and clear minded approach of an expert and M. Poirot does not disappoint. The book starts with Poirot starting on a train journey and accidentally over hearing some conversations between some passengers. As the book progresses, one is given a close description of all 12 passengers on board the Orient Express, their manner, etc. On the 2nd night of the 3-day journey one of the passengers is found murdered in his compartment which was found locked from inside. Since the train is at a standstill due to excessive snow, there is no possibility of the murderer having escaped.

What follows is a wonderful display of methodical thinking, expert deduction and absolutely brilliant piece of work. I saw all that Poirot saw, I heard all that he did (or rather read it) and was solving it with him every step of the way. Having read a lot of Agatha Christie, Sherlok Holmes and many other crime novels, I felt that I was on track and there was nothing I could have missed.

But how he suddenly went from nothing to completely unraveling this baffling mystery was nothing short of brilliance. As always, when Poirot finally opens all the knots and reveals all, it seems rather simple and obvious. The end was something I could never have imagined. A real twist.

If you are a Poirot fan, do not miss this one. I read it on my Kindle App.



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