Dare to Care

There are times in our lives when we meet someone and fall in love with them. Then there are some relationships where we invest a lot of ourselves because we are that kind of a person. We care with such involvement that we do not even bother to pick up signals that maybe the other person is not as invested in the relationship as we are. Maybe for others that relationship is not what it is for us.  Sometimes people may even enter into a relationship with us only to use us. When the purpose is met, we will be cast aside for having fulfilled our role or served our purpose.


Things like these are not rare and happen to everyone sometime in their lives. Some take it in their stride, some vow to avenge themselves while some simply give up on trust. They create a shield around their emotions which does not allow anyone to penetrate, does not allow any new relationship to form. For, to let yourself care again also means to give someone the power to hurt again. So they choose to live comfortably in their cocoon and never want to step out and expose their hearts to hurt again.


Then there are some who have the courage to forgive, to live with an open heart despite the hurts. Who like to live on the edge because they don’t know how to rein in their emotions. They will either care or they will not. For them relationships do not have boundaries. They prefer to step out of their comfortable cocoons and take the risk to love again, to live again. For they believe that only when you love do you truly live. Even when they know that a person can hurt them again, they open their hearts to let them in every time they return.


And when life throws them another challenge they accept it with aplomb. They are graceful in their love, they are artists who celebrate life as it is meant to be. I say, they are the real heroes because it takes a lot of courage to forgive and allow yourself to love someone who has hurt you in the past, knowing well that the hurt can happen again. The old adage ‘Once bitten, twice shy’ does not apply to them. So my friends, take a risk. Have the courage to take a step towards someone who has hurt you before and open yourself. For it is too easy to fortify our emotions and keep them safe under lock and key. But we would be cowards if we did that everytime someone hurt us. We, you and I, are meant to love, to live. Why should we choose to stop loving because someone who does not understand the meaning of love broke our hearts? We will continue to live, we will continue to laugh and we will continue to love. For we wear our emotions on our sleeves and are not afraid to get hurt.

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I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging 

This week the prompt is ‘You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both’

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2 thoughts on “Dare to Care

  1. Wonderful post. It certainly takes courage to forgive. I was watching the interview of a survivor of the Holocaust the other day and how she forgave and moved on. It was so powerful. This post reinstated the importance of forgiveness.


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