The Wonder of Predictability

Hari Hari wasundhara pe neela neela ye gagan

Ye kiske baadlon ki paalki uda rahe pawan

Ye kis kavi ki kalpana ka nisar hai

Ye kaun chitrakar hai ye kaun chitrakar!

Nature has many wonders. Nothing in this universe misses its routine. The sun shines everyday and the wind blows every autumn. This delicate balance is what ensures our existence. The stars and planets in the sky look like a child accidentally spilled a jar of sprinkles and then traced a finger through the colourful beads to make random forms. Who created these? Who decided how many stripes a tiger will have or which colour will the zebra be? Are the petals in each flower and the filaments in the bosom of these flowers just accidents? I think not. As Oogway very wisely said to Shifu, “There are no accidents”.

Mankind has spent countless hours debating and wondering over these. Some have found answers in science and some in poetry. But one thing we have all come to realise is that these are not just random accidents, created out of whims. A child rests easy when he feels a mothers touch. A mother looks for tell-tale signs that tell her that it’s time for her baby to turn in. Every night when she lays down the baby in the crib, gently singing the lullaby, the baby knows it’s time to sleep and that brings comfort to the little devil. The baby knows that when it is time to wake up, his mother will be there for him.

There is a reason why things happen. When we see the sun rising everyday, it gives us hope and it gives us a sense of comfort. It tells us that life will go on. No matter what happens. That’s what patterns do. They create a sense of security. When all else fails, we fall back on the old and familiar and draw comfort from knowing some things will always happen the way we expect them to.

It’s fun to be random, unpredictable. It’s refreshing to know that one can wander as they want. But those who wander know that the day they want to put down some roots they will have the predictability of a life to go back to. It is this comforting pattern of how things will always be there that gives us the freedom to roam. Then why is it that we have this inner need to challenge the routine. Why do we need excitement? By the way, the whole excitement – dull – excitement pattern also repeats itself in our lives. We just live from one excitement to another, until we realise that life itself is one big marvel and there’s much to be excited about its existence itself. So let’s embrace our lives, the routine of his universe that gives us hope and the reason to go on. As humans we will continue to challenge the obvious, but let’s take care not to destroy. Because once this delicate balance is disrupted beyond repair, life as we know it will never be the same again.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge

Theme for this post is ‘Patterns

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24 thoughts on “The Wonder of Predictability

  1. You wonderfully described the various patterns of nature. Nature is always breathtaking and mesmerizing. I hope we preserve it for the future generations. Happy Challenge. Cheers! 🙂


  2. How beautifully you touched this side of nature starting with a poetry, adding a touch of God’s most beautiful creation Baby and moved toward the reality followed by a message. You are right sometimes the repetition is what we look for that gives us a feeling of confidence and comfort.


    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback. Will read your post too. Its interesting how many different perspectives a single word can bring to the table and how many contexts

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved the way you have written the blog .. Everyday the sun rises it tells us life will go on .. I too love observing nature. Thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts. Loved reading them ..


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