The Angry Hero!

I saw Agneepath (the new one) this Saturday. I liked the movie…for many reasons and also disliked it, again for many reasons. But this isn’t a movie review. Its the thought I was left with as I came out of the theater.

As I stepped out I was a bit disturbed, a bit worried and somewhat unhappy about something that I saw in this movie and something I have been noticing in a lot of movie in the past few years (or maybe more). Lets just say in modern movies from Bollywood. I am talking about the fight sequences.

Very clearly the fight sequences are much more realistic, some obviously dramatic for theatrics, some digitally enhanced, etc. etc. There is however, something I have noticed in these fight sequences. The hero or maybe protagonist would be a better word, seems to be a lot more angrier, a lot more frustrated, a lot more passionately motivated to beat the s@#t out of the bad guy. The blows are that much more stronger, the wounds that much more deep, the blood oozing out or flying out that much more bloodier.The expression on the face of the hero is always that of “aaj nahi chodunga!!!!!!!!!!“.  The hero seems to be saying “enough is enough”. Until he gets bloodied and gets thrown off several trains/mountains/buildings etc. the sequence doesn’t seem real. And then comes the part where staggering from his recently inflicted wounds he beats the bad guy. Powered by what?  Anger? ‘badle ki aag’? Frustration?

What fuels his determination to not wait till the good cops (though always late) finally arrive. Unlike old movies where most of the climax fights ended with the hero beating the villain and then handing him over to the police, the movies today end with the hero killing the villain. Why? Is there no faith among us in the law and order system of our country anymore?

Is there some kind of a message here, or is it just my imagination? Is the hero representing the subdued youth of India? Is the frustration emanating out of him that of the common man who is bound helpless by the system, corruption, games of power?

I was worried because it is this hero that the kids today are idolizing. From wooing the girlfriend, to pleasing the boss, to repaying old debts. The children today (as in all era) do everything exactly as their screen idols are doing. And if they see that their hero is an angry, unforgiving guy, what will they become, I wonder.

Now when I say this, I do not say that the bad guys should be left off the hook. Or one should not raise their voice against what is wrong. But surely, there is a better way to deal with things rather than mindless violence?

My son plays car race and I see him delighted not when cars win but when they collide! With his dad he plays games of RA.ONE, throwing bombs in all kinds of imaginative ways at each other, in full RA.ONE ishtyle! Its cute but worrying at times. His favorite show on TV until not long ago was Power Rangers, where again these super heros would bomb out the ugly, slime-breathing monsters. Now his hero is ‘Chota Bheem’ who again by the use of sheer muscle power gains victory of good over evil. I would love to show him programs of great kings who won over the evil through wisdom, intelligence, strategy and yes a good dose of power as well.

If we say India is shining then why are the heros in our movies always SO angry?


2 thoughts on “The Angry Hero!

  1. A very well written blog it is. Written in a very polite way and conveys a revolutionary message. Yes, its time for change. The ANGER should totally be thrown out from the movies and a message of LOVE and PEACE should be conveyed.
    Very well written.


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