Towards a new self – Week I

So, I’ve joined the band wagon of weight loss. I went to a proper dietician and got myself a diet programme. She says I’m not over the brink (thank god for small mercies!) but I need to lose those extra 4-5 kgs to be in the “Healthy” category.  So now I have fruits (yuck!) three times a day, vegetable juice (double yuckkkkkkkk!!!), Amla juice (torture liquid!), ginger shots!!!!!!!!,  rotis made out of a mixture of different grains (not too bad) once a day and soya milk (chocolate flavour!!! yummyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!) once a day. So, all in all its not so bad.

In return I get to wear my old clothes which I have only be looking at for the past 2 years. They say maternal fat is not eternal…but these 2.5 years definitely seemed like an eternity to me. But now I can see myself in all my old jeans and t-shirts that have been mocking me for so long…its pay back time!!!

To help matters a bit I’m also applying the ‘Secret’ law to it. For the un-initiated, the law says that the world is your genie. It will give you what you ask for. But the ‘secret’ is to ask it in earnest and believe that you will get it, then visualise yourself with it. That way mother nature will pave your way towards achieving it and all hurdles will disappear and start working in your favour. So I have stuck some old photos of mine at several place where they are hard to miss and keep thinking of myself like that again.

In this series I will give you a week by week update of my progress towards my new self. The first week is not bad actually except the Detox day. That day I had the following symptoms –

  • Headache
  • Hunger
  • Food Cravings
  • Irritation (due to hunger)

The week that is following is much easier as there is really no restriction on how much I can eat what is scheduled for each slot. For instance if its fruits at 7 pm I can eat as many fruits as I want…I can make a fruit salad with interesting seasonings and toppings.

I am waiting for Saturday when I have my next sitting. Based on my experience and results from the first week, she will give  me the plan for the 2nd week. I hope I do well enough for her to give me soya milk again!!! I hate the regular thing but chocolate flavour is delicious!



2 thoughts on “Towards a new self – Week I

  1. Look! Eat what you have to. When the body craves fro something it’s because it needs it. Those who need carrots core will eat more. Those whgo need calcium will crave fro calk. BUT the key is NATURAL EXERCISE. Walk. Sports. Think young like you did at 26. Don’t let people make you feel old. That puts on weight. Believe in God. A lot of stress goes of there. Eat small. Eat only till your stomach is COMFORTABLE and not more. EAT WHAT YOU LIKE AND NOT WHAT PEOPLE TELL YOU. Your body is the best indicator. Nature is superior. Not human nutrition science.

    Walk. Play. Innovate. Work. Calories gone. A child’s mind. Calories gone. Believe me.


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