Insignificance of a cold!


I am very prone to catch a cold

My eyes n nose run like i’m 1 yr old

I catch it atleast 4 times a year

When seasons change I begin to fear

Coz the change of every fresh season

Is always the reason

For me to catch this deadly viral

Which people feel is very casual

But little do they know how I suffer

Under the brutal attack of this bugger

My eyes get swollen, my head begins to hurt

My nose runs non-stop, I’m also allergic to dirt

If I plead to be let off work to recover

My boss says, ‘its just cold, not fever’

So I work with occasional breaks to blow

My nose that is about to overflow

I stare at the screen till my eyes go blur

And take calls till my speech begins to slur

I pray the scientists find some deadly disease

That starts as just a cold with ease

So I can get some sympathy by

People thinking that I might die

Maybe then I’ll get my rest

Which is prescribed to work best

Until then it is goodbye to you




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