Main writer to nahi…

These are good times. People can write as much as they want and there are people who read it too. You don’t really need to be a professional writer or have any expertise in writing to do so, all you need to do is write direct dil se! 🙂 This is the age of Blogging!

Blogs have given us non-writers the freedom to let our thoughts flow…un-restricted. I am one such amature to whom the blogging era has been kind. It has given wings to my thougts, an outlet to my inner cravings. It’s somethign like writing a diary that we used to do in the good old days. It acts more like a friend with whom I share anything and everything that comes to my mind, anything that catches my fancy, anything that makes me angry. It need not be the best peice of literature.

I used to worry how my pieces would be taken, I mean, why should anyone be interested in reading anything that I write, I’m not a professional writer, afterall. But the blogging world took me by surprise. I was pleasantly surprised by the open and accepting attitude of most fellow bloggers and other readers. They took me in, laughed with me, shared with me and very soon made me one of them.  I made some new friends, who are now on my blogroll and who I exchange notes with.

Thanks for taking me in guys! 🙂


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