I am 3 monsoons old

When i first came to Mumbai an ex-colleague told me that in Mumbia people count their year by the number of monsoons they have seen here. So going by that count I am 3 monsoons old now.

My first monsoon was quite an interesting experience. I was just getting the hang of travelling on the local trains and congratulating myself on my success, when the rains hit my side of the world and all hell broke lose. Delayed trains, water-logged roads, perpetual drizzling that gets under your skin after a while and to top it all traffic jams!!! I somehow managed to survive them all. My second monsoons were much better as I was mostly confined to home, thanks to my newly-born baby…muuaaaahhh!! So not much to talk about really…except my mories of sitting by the window with the baby in my arms and rocking him gently while he gazed with wonder at the falling drops of rain!

This year I am 3 monsoons old…and I never thought I’d say it but I actually like it! Yes, I guess I’m turning into a Mumbaikar now. This year I am travelling, wroking, playing with my baby, all in the rains…and this time I don’t mind it so much. I hope I am not speaking too soon…coz its still 3 more months of rain to go! Yes, believe it or not it rains for 4 months here! We Dilliwalas (actually me an ex-Dilliwala) have no idea what a real monsoon is like. You have to be in Mumbai to know it.

I had visited Mumbai some years back in November. When I was oohing and aahing over the beautiful sea-view, a friend had told me I should come here in the monsoons…the sea is wild! After spending 3 monsoons here…I have finally started noticing these small beauties of this city which is so full of life!


2 thoughts on “I am 3 monsoons old

  1. Hey, I know what you mean about the monsoons in Mumbai. I experienced it for the first time last year and it was so beautiful. I loved it. It is so sad that we in Delhi miss it.

    Keep writing:)



  2. Very true, sitting in delhi we cannot imagine what real monsoons are like. I’ve grown to like the Mumbai rains now. 🙂


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