Farewell…my dear friend!

Goodbye my sweet ol’ Indica

I’ll miss u, u were my dear car

We traversed many landscapes together

Made memories that I loved to gather

You took me, my mate

To my first office gate

S’mtimes you broke down

Under the pressure of a big town

But never once did you wail

When your feet injured with that nail

When I left home in search of my freedom

You came with me, you left me seldom

You took in and cared for my new family

Like you had found your own finally

As you leave me today

I have no wards to say

Coz we have such a past

That memories will always last

My friend, I bid you good bye

And wish u always fly

Like you did when I first met you

I’ll remember that and always miss you

Mine was a nice gold Indica
Mine was a nice gold Indica

6 thoughts on “Farewell…my dear friend!

  1. Hey Priya…i remember, the other day u said u r not a good writer..does anyone agree after reading this???

    Nice one.. 🙂


  2. hey what a humourous and touching poem 🙂 i remember having travelled in that indica too…it has the personality of dhrminder paaji…strong rough weathered ghhhrrrr ghhhrrrr


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