Aaoge Jab tum…

Aaoge jab tum saajna…bagiya phool khilenge!


This is my song for my new car…my Ritz, one that my husband and I booked more than 20 days back, and haven’t got it yet. I don’t know if i can call it ‘My Ritz’ or not…I mean what if they just turn around and say,”sorry ma’am, we don’t have any more pieces left”. Boo hoo hoo


While I am waiting for my car let me tell you about my soon-to-come new car. Its the newset model from Maruti – RITZ. After much discussions, consideration, arguments we finally zeroed on the Red Brick Colur…its not like a siren red, more like a Wine Red (that’s what I told my husband ;-)) A friend who spotted one in one of the Maruti showrooms said it was an absolutely chuchiku colour!!! 😀


Other cars in our consideration set were:

  1. A-Star – Did not find it value for money
  2. Swift – Too many people have it
  3. Jazz – Out of budget
  4. Fabia – Out of budget
  5. SX4 – Way out of budget (actually ‘way-out-of-budget’ list is quite long)
  6. Honda CRV – Dream On!!! (so is the  ‘dream-0n’ list :-))

So, finally after test driving most of the cars mentioned above, we finalised the Ritz. We had anticipated that we would get it by mid-July and had accordingly planned the sale of our old car, Indica, but it didn’t happen. Now the Indica is gone, Ritz is nowhere in sight and we are left be-car! (without a car)


So here I am, writing a post, while I would rather be cruising down the Western Express Highway (coz that’s the only place in Mumbia where any cruising can happen).


Sigh…my dear Ritz, hope to see you soon!


Aaoge jab tum…..

This is what it will look like!
This is what it will look like!

PS: Actually I’m feeling bad for my old Indica. Had it for 7 years, I think it deserves a farewell note. Will write that next.


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