When the going gets tough…the tough gets going!

I had heard the phrase long time back, when I was in school . It was a song by the group New Kids on the Block. I wasn’t sure what it meant and for a long time never really paid any attention to it.


 As I grew up, I went to college, graduated and did my PG. Before I could finish my PG course I had secured a position in one of the best PR agencies in the city. I was on a high! I was flying…it couldn’t get better. I was just 22 and already had a head start in my career, my life, while many others in my batch were still struggling to decide what to do in life. I was earning a decent amount to take care of all my pocket expenses and some more, I had a family who was always there to support me – my parents, my sisters. I had no reason to complain. Life was good…not that I appreciated it much then 🙂


Now I’m married, I have a small family of my own comprising of three people – my husband, myself and our one and a half year old son. My new roles are that of a wife, a mother and a team leader. Life has taken a new meaning for me. Being the youngest at home I never had to bother about anything in the house, I mean it…I did zilch to contribute. Today I have responsibilities that I could never think of. Now I’m not saying that I am the only one who has responsibilities or that I have a tough life…what I am saying is that I had never for once in my life prepared myself for the adjustments, sacrifices, hardships.


Yesterday I happened to switch on the radio on my way back from office and I was greeted with the song of my schooldays “When the going gets tough…the tough get going…” and this time I knew what it meant. I knew that when life presents you with difficult situations, it’s a test for you to prove what you are made of. So, I made a silent resolve to myself.


“I hereby resolve to face my responsibilities and duties with a smile. I resolve to be the wife, the mother, the daughter, the sister, the friend and the leader that my near and dear ones deserve. I resolve to be the strength, the inspiration, the ray of hope that I have been looking for. I have taken enough from the world and now its time to give some back.”


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