One Nation-One Examination

Our new HRD minister has given wind to quite a storm by proposing the slogan ‘One Nation-One Examination’ as part of his 100-day plan. Going by the initial reactions, I’m not sure how it will be taken. While the idea has been doing the rounds of the academic circles for some time now, it will take very careful consideration before it is actually implemented. Some of the initial reactions that have come up are:

Against –

  1. The states wouldn’t want to lose control that a state board provides them with
  2. How will the system test the IQ and EQ of children at an all India level through just one examination
  3. The X board exams act as a wake-up call of sorts to students to prepare them for the final XII board exams

For –

  1. This will help reduce undue pressure for school children and their parents; children should not be made to go through the double stress of first X and then XII exams
  2. The earlier system of Higher Secondry worked very well and can be replicated here with reforms to suit the present day needs
  3. It will help reduce the numer of drop-outs that mostly happen after class X
  4. It will help create a more systematic grading system that will do away with un-natural college cut-off percentages

This is, however, not an exhaustive list of arguments on the issue. While some states like Gujarat and Tamil Nadu have shown support to the idea, Kerala for one thinks that the government could be acting in haste. What becomes of the proposal only time will tell. One can only hope that it does not end up becoming another of those issues that lose their real relevance and get lost in the political battle that they happen to kick up.


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