My Monsoon wishlist :-)

Finally the monsoons are here and out comes my wishlist. Now since I’m new to the western ghats my list begins with places i must visit. So here it goes:-

  1. Matheran – I have been hearing so much about this place for the past 4years that I just have to see it this time
  2. Chiplun – Loved the scenery in Luch by Chance
  3. Sinhgarh – Have been there once, but wanna go again
  4. Goa – I’ve heard the sea goes wild in monsoons…
  5. Khandala (have been dying to go there since i heard Aamir Khan wooing Rani)
  6. Coorg –  Had the most memorable time there some 3 yrs back…right in the middle of the forest covered hills…awesome

Now come other things, like:

  1. Tea in the hooded sheltre in the garden of my complex. Yes, Im among the lucky few who have an apartment complex with a garden in Mumbai 🙂
  2. Take my baby for his first monsoon shower (actually its his second but he was too lil last year to know anything)
  3. Go to Band Stand and enjoy the wet breeze sitting at one of the two coffee shops there

I guess that’s it for now…



2 thoughts on “My Monsoon wishlist :-)

  1. trust me…once it starts raining in Mumbia…it just doesn’t stop…very soon you will find me singing “rain rain go to spain…do not show your face again…” 🙂


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