The highs and lows of our heroes

We love heros! We need heros in our lives! We love to idiolise real life people, put them on a pedestal, give them God-like reverence and bestow upon them all our love and devotion. In return we expect them to live up to the image we have created for them in our hearts & minds. What we forget in this process is that each and every hero is also a normal person, a common man/woman, someone who can have setbacks & make mistakes. And one such mistake and we leave no stone unturned to make sure these so called ‘heros’ are taken to task for not living up to their image!

What has happened to one such ‘hero’ in the past week is a fine example of how ruthless we can be with our idols.

The Indian Cricket tema and especially Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the apple of everybody’s eye. The media termed Dhoni as the ‘best and most dynamic captian of the Indian cricket team’. We had such expectations from him to perform miracles at the pitch once again. We were waiting to see an Encore! Now I’m not such a big fan of cricket and can’t say I watched any of the games properly. But I could not avoid the insensitive and loud outcry when the Indian team led by MS Dhoni was ousted from the T20 World Cup.


What happened guys? So we lost, so the team lost, so what??? Give the guy a break, please! He didn’t go there to lose, none of them went there to lose. It’s a game, please take it like a game. Why is everybody taking it so personally I fail to understand. Why the blame game? Why the mud slugging? Its not going to do any good to anyone, not even to the Indian team, who by the way should be the one who is most upset with the whole thing…after all they were the ones who had to face the defeat on the field.

But no one is asking the players how they felt about the defeat. I wonder how long we will keep doing this. I know dhoni is good…the current indian team is good…but with all this controversy I hope we don’t end up getting them thrown out of the team.

I think we should start treating our modern day heros like real people and give them some space, some room. Otherwise we will have no hero to talk about who has lasted long enough to grow old with.


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