My Son Goes to School … sniff

My son had his first day at play school today.  He clutched to his papa’s hands as he led him up the 2 li’l steps to his new school. I could see the uncertainity…and the excitment…or maybe its just my overworked imagination. I mean, c’mon, how can he know its his ‘first day at school’?

Papa leading him to the school

I bought a new bottle for him (which he did not use) and a new dress ( he will get his new kiddie uniform in about a week’s time), have to buy a new bag and tiffin box…will do it today.


The teacher said he was sensational, said he had a lot of fun and played with everyone, wiped the tears of other kids who were crying and her final verdict – ‘He will mix up very well and very soon’. I’m so proud!!! sniff sniff!

I was a hit!
I was a hit!

When i took him inside the play area where other kids were gathered, he didnt cry immediately. However, there was another child who was quite distressed and was crying a lot so other kids also started getting nervous and crying (including Sidhu 😦 ).

Crying baby with his new teacher
Crying baby with his new teacher

Then we had to leave coz the teacher said they will never settle down till we are there so we left to come back at 11.30 to pick him up. I came back home while my husband went to office. At 11 my husband called and reminded me, all my friends called and pinged me on g-talk, twitter and phone to remind me to go pick him up (thanks guys :-D).


I reached early (obviously) and had to wait outside. At 11.30 the teacher opened the door and there he was…my baby, looking uncertainly what was happening and the instant he saw me his face lit up for a fraction of a second and then crumpled up as he started crying and reaching out to me. I scooped him up and hugged him close! I could not believe he had successfully finished his first day at school with no disasters.


Now I can’t wait for tomorrow when I can take him to his new freinds again…


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