Quality of Service

At times i feel guilty for taking home a decent salary while half the world is losing their jobs. Then I happen to interact with some of my industry counterparts (some current colleagues and some ex) and I realise actually I’m being grossly underpaid!!!


I was very young when a teacher of mine explained to me how it was important to acertain a minimum level of quality of work for myself and how it should be absolutely unacceptable to me to put my name to any piece of work that is below that minimum level of quality. And I have maintained that…atleast I like to believe that I have.


I am saying this because the quality of work one comes across is just so sub-standard it makes me wonder…why, why, WHY???  Tell me, am I over-reacting if i refuse to accept badly formatted documents, untidily scanned images, unorganised file nomenclature and above all misspelled, multicoloured emails???


We often accept lower levels of quality as a given and tell each other that we should not expect the  world to be perfect. But tell me why not? Why should I reply to mails that do not have a subject, do not have a salutation or a valediction…how am I supposed to know if the mail was intended for me or was it mistakenly sent to me.


I guess my views can be called rigid in this world of informal greeting and informal emails where spelling mistakes and such are common. But I like the good old era where people still believed in spell checks 🙂


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